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This page was created by Jonas Pfeiffer.

Douglas DC-3

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My interest in all things aviation grew from an early age. Fed by a myriad of books, an array of visits to some of the finest aviation museums in the world, some airshows and a bit of flying, I then decided to study aeronautical engineering to turn passion into profession.
As you may have been able to tell, topics especially close to my heart include weird and wonderful aircraft of all kind and the history of aviation in general.

If you spot mistakes, need clarifications, want to suggest improvements or just want to talk planes, feel free to contact me.




I'd like to use this opportunity to present some of my favorite books (list is incomplete).

Book Topic
Flight: 100 years of Aviation Comprehensive history of aviation and space flight. Good introduction to the aerospace world and very well illustrated. I read the German version of this book at least 20 times as a kid.
Carrying the Fire Autobiography of Astronaut Michael Collins of Apollo 11 fame. Known as best Apollo-era astronaut biography
The Naked Pilot Why do airplanes crash?
Truth, Lies and O-Rings Why the Challenger disaster happened and how that came to light
Fate Is the Hunter Autobiography of an airline pilot of the olden times (30s to 50s)
Wings on My Sleeve Autobiography of Eric Brown, British test pilot and pilot with the most different aircraft types flown (487) and most aircraft carrier landings (2407). At the beginning of the war, he was in Germany, but let go, his aircraft carrier was sunk and he interrogated many important Germans after WWII.
Forever Flying Autobiography of Bob Hoover legendary aerobatic and test pilot. Possible the greatest stick-and-rudder man ever.
The Secret Horsepower Race Fighter engine development in WW2. Very comprehensive technical analysis


To conclude this little personal section, I'd like to present some of my favorite planes.

Photo information

One last Oshkosh photo. This stunning Douglas DC-3 was parked in the vintage parking ground when I visited the 2018 AirVenture.